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Welcome to CaSNP

CaSNP is a comprehensive collection of copy number alteration (CNA) from SNP arrays.

It collects 11,485 Affymetrix SNP arrays of 34 different cancer types in 105 studies to profile the genome-wide CNA and SNP in each.

This includes all the cancer SNP profiles using Affymetrix SNP arrays (10K to 6.0) with raw data from GEO, with additional arrays from the TCGA consortium and a few individual publications.

All CNA data stored in CaSNP is generated from raw data analyzed by dCHIP-SNP software.

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Please cite this paper if you use CaSNP in your study:

Cao Q#, Zhou M#, Wang X#, Meyer CA, Zhang Y, Chen Z, Li C*, Liu XS*.
CaSNP: a database for interrogating copy number alterations of cancer genome from SNP array data.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2011; 39(Database issue):D968-74. (PubMed, PDF, Web server)