TIMER: Tumor IMmune Estimation Resource

A comprehensive resource for the clinical relevance of tumor-immune infiltrations

Source code and related data files:

Instruction: Readme.txt
TIMER method: R code
TIMER batch mode and statistical analysis: R code
Related data file 1: Human Primary Cell Atlas
Related data file 2: Curated reference immune cell gene expression data
Related data file 3: Immune Response In Silico marker gene list
Related data file 4: Purity inference for all 32 cancer types
Related data file 5: Cancer Testis Gene List
Related data file 6: Red blue colors
Related data file 7: Pathological estimation of neutrophil levels for 404 bladder cancer samples
Related data file 8: Gene markers to infer immune infiltration

Other resources: Estimated immune infiltration levels of the Van Allen cohort (Van Allen et al., 2015, Science)

Response to Newman et al.'s correspondence: Simulation data used to address Newman et al.'s correspondence