MARGE-1.0 is now available

MARGE for Python2

MARGE for Python3

Example config.json files

config.json for ChIP only

config.json for GeneList only

config.json for both ChIP and GeneList

Relative Regulatory Potential files for human (365 datasets) and mouse (267 datasets)

Human H3K27ac relative regulatory potential

Mouse H3K27ac relative regulatory potential

MARGE Data Library (the reference files used in MARGE)

With hg19 BAM files Only

hg19 Library

With mm9 BAM files Only

mm9 Library

With hg38 BAM files Only

hg38 RP Library

With hg38 GeneList files or With Both hg38 GeneList and BAM files

hg38 Library (all)

With mm10 BAM files Only

mm10 RP Library

With mm10 GeneList files or With Both mm10 GeneList and BAM files

mm10 Library (all)

Test Data