Before running MARGE, make sure the following software is installed in system:

1. Python2.7 or newer; Or Python3.4 or newer

2. snakemake (>=3.4.1 is strongly recommended)

3. HDF5 ( >= 1.8.7 is strong recommended)

4. MACS2 ( >= 2.1.0 is strong recommended)

5. Some UCSC tools

bedClip, bigWigToBedGraph, bigWigSummary, and bigWigAverageOverBed
Download the above four programs and simply put them in a directory (you might need to change the path for these programs in the configure file described below)

MARGE Installation, some dependencies (python packages) should installed first:

1. Install setuptools and argparse

2. Install numpy

3. Install scipy

4. Install sklearn

5. Install tables

6. Install twobitreader

Download the zip file of MARGE
$ unzip (
$ cd Py2_MARGE (Py3_MARGE)
$ python install --prefix=/path/to/where/to/install