1. What's MARGE

A: MARGE is a robust methodology that leverages a comprehensive library of genome-wide H3K27ac ChIP-seq profiles to predict key regulated genes and cis-regulatory regions in human or mouse. It leverages published H3K27ac ChIP-seq data to enhance the interpretation of newly generated H3K27ac ChIP-seq profiles, and can also interpret gene expression studies without the production of matched H3K27ac ChIP-seq data.

2. What's the main functions of MARGE

A:(1)Predict BET-inhibited and cell type specific key regulated genes. (2) Identify 10 most relevant datasets that related to the differentially expressed genes. (3) Predict the cis-regulated regions that related to the key regulated genes.

3. How to install MARGE

A: Refer to Installation

4. How to install python package-tables

A: Before installing tables, you should install several packages first, click here to know more details. If you have problems with the installation of tables, you can do as follows.

First download the source code and build HDF5 accordingly. However using pre-built binary distributions is strong recommended. You can choose the version of your platform, download the distribution and unzip it. For mac and linux users, using bash, add following words in $HOME/.bashrc:"export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/where/to/install/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH". Then install tables

5. How to run MARGE

A: Refer to Tutorial